Please Pray for Us

Prayer Requests (Updated June 10):

1) Pray that God would bring us Elders; we are fiercely committed to a plurality of Elders, so please ask the Lord to bring us qualified men to share the pastoral load.

2) Pray for a music/worship leader; we currently do not have a music/worship leader committed to our team. Music is a big part of the Sunday worship gathering, please pray that God would bring us the right person (or persons) to help lead our music ministry.

3) Pray for our finances; we’re in the process of raising a significant amount of money to accomplish what we believe the Lord has called us to do; please ask God to provide and please consider a financial gift.

4) Pray for our Launch Team; we’re in the process of recruiting a Launch Team. We’ve got 25 adults that have committed (which is FANTASTIC). Please pray for those that have already committed, that the Lord would give them grace in this season, and ask God to bring us more of the right people. Also, if you’re local, please consider joining the Launch Team.

5) Pray for a location; we’ve looked at 29 different potential locations for our worship gatherings. None of them are a great option. We do have a middle school reserved for Sunday mornings, but it’s not an ideal location because of the rental costs. Please pray that God would bring us a more cost efficient option.

6) Pray for evangelism opportunities; ask God to give us opportunities to share the gospel with unbelievers in our community and ask Him to soften the hearts of those unbelievers we’ll talk to and interact with.